WAHM Coaching

ARE you new to becoming a work at home mom?  Perhaps you need help in determining what to do.  Sometimes it helps to just sit down and talk with someone who has been there to help determine what you can do and how to go about getting started.

Coaching with Me

My experience:

  • Been a work at home mom since 2000
  • Ran a retail website
  • Ebay
  • Ran information websites -specifically for Google Adsense and affiliates
  • Coach help on building information websites
  • Website and blog design
  • Kindle eBooks

What Coaching I Offer

  • Help you to determine your passion and what you can do
  • Kindle Ebook – help in figuring out a topic, direction for publishing with Kindle
  • Information website – help in figuring out a niche, advice on how to build, how to monetize
  • WordPress how-to (within reason)

My passion lies in helping moms to be able to stay home and earn an income, start a home business.

If you need help in any of the areas I offer, I’ll be happy to coach you.  If you need someone to bounce ideas off of, I can help clarify and encourage and point in the right direction.  If you need some WordPress training, I can help talk you through some how to’s.

Sessions are in half hour and hour increments.  Or via email or Skype text messaging if you wish.

Fee Schedule:

Introductory Prices

One Hour Session on Skype Texting – $50

Half Hour Session on Skype Texting – $25

Q & A Emails – 5 emails – 5 questions each – $50

(email answers are limited to 100 words per question)

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