On Becoming a Work At Home Mom

Why do you want to be a work at home mom?  It may be because you need more income in order to run your home.  This is the case for many.  A few are lucky enough to be able to make it on one income.  However, you may want to be a work at home mom because you need a creative outlet.  Whichever the case, it is more than possible these days to become one.  There are so many opportunities out there to start and run a home business.

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Before you start a business, look around your home and determine where you will do this.  Determine if your schedule will allow for it.  Pick a business that will be flexible enough to allow you to take proper care of your family.  Especially moms of small children and infants, you need the greatest flexibility.  You do not want a business that will take over big blocks of time away from your responsibilities.  Believe it or not, there are home businesses that will allow you to breast-feed your baby while you are “working.”

Make sure you take into account all possible situations and times you may need to be away.  Think about what you will do if you are not able to work the business for a day or two or longer.  Always have a plan of action in mind to cover the bases in the event you will not be available.  For example, I once ran a retail website.  I had orders come in daily, and if I ever was not able to fill the orders, my customers would get upset, and call and want to know where their order was if I did not ship it out immediately.  You can cover something like this by having messages that you will not be available for X number of days.  On the other hand, have a helper to step in and help in those times.

Bottom line for making your home business work, plan it out before you start the business.  Write down your short and long term goals and set up a business budget.  Try to cover every possible scenario.  You will be glad you did.  This plan is something you can refer back to as you grow.  And because it is a plan for your home business, you can change it as you need.


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