Holiday Survival Guide – Holiday Decor

holiday survival guideFor many the holidays bring about a need to decorate accordingly. Many will decorate for Halloween starting a few weeks before the holiday. Homes will have carved pumpkins, fake cobwebs (hey, take advantage of this holiday, save money and stop dusting!) Blacks and oranges are the favorite colors for the month of October.

Switch to November and Thanksgiving brings on a new set of decor. Homes transfer into a harvest spectrum of browns, oranges, yellows, and reds. The theme is harvest and plenty, as families get ready to gather around a table filled with turkey and dressing.

Moving on to December and the theme turns to festive. Homes become a winter wonderland, and decor is kicked up a notch to include a tree that is decorated, and holiday cards, tinsel, wreaths, fake snow, lights that twinkle and shine and just about anything these days goes. Traditional Christmas colors are red and green, though you can take any color spectrum and create beautiful holiday decor.

Instead of running out and purchasing all new decorations for the holidays, sit the kids down and work a fun arts and crafts project. Let them create and make the decorations for each season. Start in October and give them materials to create a spooky atmosphere. This will help to build them up to the holiday. In November, have them prepare for turkey day by creating nice centerpieces for the table and make welcoming banners for the guests.

In December, children can create so many neat things for Christmas. They can make Christmas tree decorations, they can create garland, wreaths, decorate with the holiday cards from years past. Let them think of things to create. Smaller children may need help while older children can do a little more and have more creativity.