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I offer two services for EBook creation with Kindle formatting and eBook cover design. Kindle is the fastest growing eBook outlet in the world.  Smart people are grabbing hold of this and selling on Kindle.  This offers a good solid means of income, some are even offering their eBooks exclusively on Kindle (I do!) because Amazon has a great system in place for those who do this.  I have successfully published seven Kindle eBooks to date, and now I wish to share my knowledge and experience with you by offering these services for design eBook covers and Kindle formatting.

EBook Cover Design

I design eBook covers using images purchased at BigStockPhoto.com.  You will be required your own images from there and email to me.  Please see an example of the covers in my portfolio.

Kindle eBook Cover:

$90.00  Contact me for availability.

Includes a cover approximately 1000 px x 600 px  ready for upload to Kindle as a .jpg.

Inquire about fees if you wish to have a pdf cover, a 3D cover or others.

Kindle Formatting

Format your Word.doc or .docx or Open Office file for Kindle.  Kindle requires special formatting.  Your file must be received with the content in tact and each chapter defined.

Please note, images are accepted, but they must be web optimized (compressed) and images must be on their own line, centered.  No content can wrap around an image.  If you wish, I can web optimize your images and insert into your pages.

Be aware that Kindle formatting is very simplistic in nature.  There can be no bullet points, or tables (in older versions) or borders or headers or footers.

Before I give a quote on the fee I need to see the file first.  Kindle formatting starts at a $100.00 minimum.

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