Decluttering the Bedroom – Create a Relaxing Space Free From Clutter

A cluttered bedroom can quickly begin ruining the relaxing vibe of your space. In fact, it can be harder to fall asleep when you’re constantly dealing with clutter in the room. Of course, since you don’t spend a lot of your conscious time in the bedroom, it’s easy to let this room slide and become disorganized. The room can quickly turn chaotic when you fail to eliminate the clutter in this room from time to time. To create a relaxing space free from clutter, here are several tips you can use.

Declutter the bedroom

Tip #1 – Begin Cleaning Out the Closet

One of the toughest spots for clutter in the bedroom is your closet. You can quickly end up with a big collection of shoes that need replaced, clothes you never wear and items that don’t even belong in the closet. To eliminate closet clutter, you’ll have to get radical. Go through everything in the closet. Items that cannot be salvaged can be thrown away and anything that doesn’t fit anymore should be donated. If you haven’t used it or worn it in six months, it’s probably time to let it go. If you find items that don’t belong in the closet, make sure they are taken to their appropriate place.


Tip #2 – Eliminate Clutter from the Nightstand

Another area of the bedroom that can be a clutter magnet is the nightstand. It’s easy to leave items there right before you go to bed, never returning them to their proper spot. Start by removing items that don’t really belong on the nightstand. Only leave items on the nightstand that you need to have within reach of your bed. If you take inventory of your nightstand once a week, it can help you keep this area free from clutter in the future.


Tip #3 – Don’t Forget to Clean Under the Bed

It might be a bit scary to contemplate what is under the bed in the bedroom. Many people store items there or push them under the bed to clear out other areas of the room. Take some time to tackle this space. Pull out everything and eliminate any junk that doesn’t belong there. If you do need to store items under the bed, use some storage tubs designed to fit under the bed to keep it all organized.


Tip #4 – Go with Less Furniture in the Room

Too much furniture in the bedroom can make the space look smaller. The clearer the space is, the more relaxing and soothing the room will be. Choose large pieces of furniture to dominate most of the bedroom. Eliminate any unnecessary furniture.


Tip #5 – Avoid Allowing Your Bedroom to Be a Home Office

It’s important to avoid allowing your bedroom to be a home office. If you’ve turned your bedroom into a mini home office, you’re probably cluttering up your sleep area with work items, not to mention how you’re cluttering your mind when it’s time to decompress. Even if you have a home office elsewhere, sometimes it’s easy to bring work items into the bedroom with you. Just avoid bringing any work items into the bedroom. You’ll keep clutter at bay and avoid bringing the stress of work with you into the bedroom.


  1. [...] DECLUTTERING A BEDROOM is a very important task! It is all too easy and convenient to pop something into the bedroom ‘for now’ and find it still there two or three years later! If you have not used the item in all that time, bin it or put it in formal storage, like the garage or attic. Try, at all times, to keep your bedroom about you, banning anything that does not belong in there. Go through clothing, make-up and toiletries frequently, ruthlessly chucking out anything that is not in regular use. [...]