Decluttering the Home Office

home office

For many Americans, the home office has become the room in which all of the important financial decisions of the household are made. This normally means two things: a lot of bills, and a lot of important papers like receipts. If you work from home, your paper problem probably becomes even worse, with vital documents […]

Decluttering the Bathroom

decluttering the bathroom

As the busiest room in the house, the bathroom is often a source of frustration for those looking to declutter their lives. This is the only room in the house that people not only visit multiple times a day, but their activities can’t be monitored to encourage cleanliness on the spot. When the bathroom is […]

Helping Your Children to Learn Good Habits-Decluttering a Child’s Room

declutter kids room

Teaching good habits is one of the things for which we as parents are responsible. In order to help our children to keep their own space well organized, we’re also responsible for providing the tools with which to accomplish that task. It’s normal that your child isn’t going to want to clean their room. Sometimes […]

Decluttering the Bedroom – Create a Relaxing Space Free From Clutter

Declutter the bedroom

A cluttered bedroom can quickly begin ruining the relaxing vibe of your space. In fact, it can be harder to fall asleep when you’re constantly dealing with clutter in the room. Of course, since you don’t spend a lot of your conscious time in the bedroom, it’s easy to let this room slide and become […]

Decluttering The Dining Room


In many American families, meal time has become a thing of the past. Dining rooms are given a once over and used in their proper context around the holidays only. For the rest of the year, this important room in your home is usually piled down with clutter and things that generally don’t belong inside […]