About Mom’s Lifestyle Guide

I am Lori Ramsey and I love to write both fiction and non fiction.  Check out my author site – LA Ramsey for more information about my novels and my blog posts about faith and my writing journey.

I came up with the idea for Mom’s Lifestyle Guide out of my desire to help work at home moms.  Or more to the point, to encourage moms who want to be work at home moms like the Virtuous Woman of Proverbs 31.  I have been a work at home mom since 2000.  Many have asked for my advice on how to get started.  The Mom’s Lifestyle Guide to Working from Home was birthed out of the desire to share my advice and suggestions on becoming a work at home mom.  It is my hope that this eBook and the books to come will help to encourage and inspire moms to have the confidence to create a plan to stay home while raising a family and earning an income.

If I can do this, so can you!

My experience comes from the fact that when I began this journey, I was pregnant with my third baby.  I started a home business, and it morphed and grew, as my family grew.  I am a work at home mom.  My husband and I have six children, I was and still am able to stay home with each one.  (I go into greater detail about my story in the Mom’s Lifestyle Guide to Working from Home.)